Registration is CLOSED for our Summer 2016 cohort.

We don't take everyone, in fact we discourage many....

We want entrepreneurs who have something to prove...


Many times we are asked why one company was "approved" for a cohort and another not,  Rest assured that we do have criteria on which ones we let in, even if we don't tell you exactly what it is.  Some of the metrics that we use are as follows:

  • Your company must have revenue...we don't need much...but we need validation that you have made it far enough to sell your widget to the neighbor next door.  If you only sold one widget make sure it is a really important neighbor that bought it....
  • You need to fit, this is not a popularity contest BUT we are adamant in that all cohort companies must not only gel with mentor personalities but also other cohort companies.  SO, your company may fit all other criteria for our program but not be a good match for the other companies...sorry, we will keep you in the hopper for future rounds.
  • You must commit to the program (see specifics below.)  We can not stress this enough....if we think you are too hotheaded to be coached or too busy for our meetings we don't care how much you will not make it into any cohort.
  • Ideally we have three companies in each cohort....however, we have been known to limit this to two based on the applying companies and overall fit.
  • When in doubt, contact us....currently the best way is And yes, for all you really ambitious people out there you can probably track down other contact info for the mentors and use that.  No extra points awarded... 


This section will be short....there is no curriculum.  We are not like other accelerator/incubator programs...we don't believe in the status quo and graduate companies seem to like the koolaid.  There will be no online tutorials, be ready for fast, in-depth, and thorough discussions into every aspect of your business.  While we may be unorthodox, we are definitely not wasting time.


  • Application Deadline May 31st, 2016
  • Pitch Days TBD June 2016 (invited companies will get further information.)
  • Cohort Start Date mid-late July 2016 (accepted companies will get schedule.)


Each cohort receives a twelve month commitment by our mentors.   This commitment is split into two phases.

PHASE 1: This includes weekly Monday evening meetings in Bend, OR from 5-8pm for four months...yes, we will reschedule for holidays...but you get the gist, four months of weekly meetings.  You will have homework in between meetings that focus on your current issues and general company concerns.  These meetings are required attendance.

PHASE 2: This includes monthly meetings for the remaining eight months,  In between our meetings we have check-ins through email and direct interaction with the specific mentors of your cohort.


I know that you are all already wowed by our mentors...but, wait, there is more.  In addition to the high level mentorship provided, we also provide the following:

  • Accounting and legal work (pro bono and very competitive rates thereafter)
  • Access to outdoor specific and consumer goods interested investors
  • The promise that we will steer you clear of half-ass consultants and people who just see dollar signs when they look at start-ups. 
  • Specific introductions and referrals to niche experts in your field, or ones relevant to your business issues.
  • A core group of mentors 3-5 per cohort that will attend each session. 
  • Expert and Industry specific partner advisors that will come in for individual sessions based on individual company need and benefit.


Yes, you will notice that there is no money attached to our program.  Very simply...we have found that money does not solve business problems.  If you have a rocking idea that is working you will have no trouble finding money....


Yes, there is always a catch to any good deal out there. We will keep this one simple.  We take 6% of your equity in the form of a 10 year warrant.  Therefore, our payment only occurs if you make something out of yourself.  We will review and negotiate the actual warrant agreement upon acceptance into the cohort.  Rest assured that the terms of our agreement actually favor the entrepreneurs ourselves we felt it important to be a partner of our cohort companies and not just an equity holder.  An if you are not willing to provide equity in exchange for this program please do not waste our time or yours.